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Our Services

Speech/Language Evaluations

Evaluations will include informal assessment and observations, parent interview, and (when needed) formal standardized assessments. The evaluation process allows us to collect baseline information to develop an understanding of your child’s skills, challenges, and preferences. The results of the evaluations will then be used to establish therapy goals that are individualized to your child’s needs and your family’s priorities. Following the assessment, you will also receive a written report.

Speech/Language Evaluation: $215

Speech/Language Therapy

I use a play-based approach to create interactive and engaging therapy to target communication goals.

Speech Therapy:
Production of age-appropriate speech sounds and sound combinations
Speech clarity/intelligibility
Articulation and phonological disorders

Language Therapy:
Play skills
Language comprehension skills
Combining words together in meaningful ways
Being able to answer questions effectively
Being able to express their wants and needs
Reading/Literacy Intervention

Speech/Language Therapy: $90 per session

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I can also provide ”Superbills”. A Superbill is a document made for insurance companies that provides specific information about the services a therapist or healthcare provider rendered to a client. Unlike traditional receipts, Superbills contain the information needed for insurance companies to pay the claim. Clients should reach out to their insurance company prior to initiating services to see if their insurance will cover out of network speech therapy.

Areas We Can Help With

Little Minds Speech Therapy treats a variety of speech/language disorders including:

– Articulation and phonological disorders
– Reading/phonological awareness disorders
– Developmental Delay
– Receptive and Expressive Language Delays and Disorders
– Genetic Disorders/Syndromes
– Reading Difficulties
– Dyslexia