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Frequently Asked Questions

Little Minds Speech Therapy
I'm not sure if my child needs speech and language services. How do I find out?

I provide a free 20 minute phone consultation to discuss your concerns about your child’s speech/language skills. We can then determine if an evaluation and treatment is needed.  Contact me anytime to discuss next steps

Do you take insurance? How much does Speech Therapy Cost?

At this time Little Minds Speech Therapy accepts private pay, West Virginia Public Employers Insurance Agency (PEIA), Peak Health, Hope Scholarship and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Our current fees per session are:

Speech/Language/Reading Evaluation: $215
Speech/Language Therapy: $90 per session

Payment methods include: Cash, Check or Credit. I can also accept HSA/FSA payment.

I can also provide ”Superbills”. A Superbill is a document made for insurance companies that provides specific information about the services a therapist or healthcare provider rendered to a client. Unlike traditional receipts, Superbills contain the information needed for insurance companies to pay the claim. Clients should reach out to their insurance company prior to initiating services to see if their insurance will cover out of network speech therapy.

No Surprises Act

This regulation includes a provision for Good Faith Estimates, which informs patients of the cost of care they will be receiving before their appointment. Beginning January 1, 2022, audiologists and speech-language pathologists (SLP) are required by law to provide a Good Faith Estimate to every new and established patient who is either seeking treatment as a self-pay patient or is considered out-of-network with you as a provider. A Good Faith Estimate is the best judgment of the cost of care a provider plans to offer to the patient across the episode of care. →Read More

How long will my child need speech therapy services?
A child’s speech and language skill development are affected by multiple factors including the severity of the speech and language disorder, the child’s willingness to participate in session activities, frequency of sessions, and home practice of the targeted skills. In general, you can expect that your child will need to receive speech-language therapy services 1-2 times per week for up to 6 months. After this period of time, many children have achieved their targeted goals and are able to be dismissed. Other children may need a longer period of therapy to meet their goals. The therapist will provide recommendations for the frequency and duration of speech and language therapy services following the child’s initial evaluation.

Speech & Language Resources

Interested in learning more about speech and language delays?  Review some of the resources below.